Wind power - domestic wind turbines

a small domestic wind turbineIn a suitable location, a domestic-scale wind turbine in the UK can create a very significant amount of renewable electricity.

The UK is the windiest country in Europe, and wind farms are a great way to generate renewable, low-carbon electricity. Investing in large-scale wind turbines is an effective way to support the development of renewable energy and get a financial return.

Although there is financial support available, installation of your own domestic-scale wind turbine will involve a big up-front cost, and may take several years to recoup this cost. It’s important to first take energy efficiency measures, as these tend to give a bigger saving on carbon emissions for a smaller cost. See our Energy Conservation page for advice.

After that, low-carbon heating systems such as a wood-fuelled boiler or a heat pump may be a more cost-effective way to reduce domestic emissions. If you’ve already investigated other options, and if you live in a very windy location, then read on to find out more about how you could get clean electricity from a small wind turbine.

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