How can I build my own wind turbine?

There are lots of webpages with instructions on how to build your own wind turbine – just search for “DIY wind turbine” – but it’s not easy to build something that can actually produce a decent amount of energy and doesn’t fall apart in stronger wind speeds. Also, bear in mind that Feed-in Tariff income is only for wind turbines installed by an accredited professional.

At CAT, we have often worked with Hugh Piggott of Scoraig Wind, who is a pioneer in this field. Hugh’s designs are the result of decades of experimenting with wind turbines on the Scottish west coast, so he knows a thing or two about how to build turbines that survive in adverse conditions. His website has lots of information, and he sells plans.

CAT usually runs one course each year on DIY wind turbines, based on the Hugh Pigott designs. At present these are taught by people from V3 Power. See our list of energy courses for dates and details.

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