How can I build my own wind turbine?

There are lots of webpages with instructions on how to build your own wind turbine – just search for “DIY wind turbine” – but it’s not easy to build something that can actually produce a decent amount of energy and doesn’t fall apart in stronger wind speeds.

At CAT, we work together with Hugh Piggott of Scoraig Wind who’s a pioneer in this field. Hugh’s designs are the result of decades of experimenting with wind turbines in his place on the Scottish west coast, so he knows a thing or two about how to build turbines that survive in adverse conditions. CAT publishes his book “Windpower Workshop” and occasionally Hugh runs a course at CAT - see our courses website for details of any upcoming courses..

However, as the Feed-in Tariffs offer incentives for commercial wind turbines installed by an accredited professional it may actually be financially more attractive to go for a commercial turbine.

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