How much will a domestic solar PV system earn?

The UK Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) scheme provides payments for each unit of electricity you generate (regardless of whether you use it yourself or put it into the grid). The tariff is paid for a 20 year period and is index-linked.

The government reviews the FIT tariff rates each quarter and there has been a plan in place to cut the tariff slightly each quarter, but these cuts could be greater or smaller depending on how many solar systems have been installed or due to other economic or political factors.

Ideally, changes to the FIT would be gradual, to put the solar PV industry on a stable footing and avoid future cycles of explosive growth followed by sudden and drastic cuts.

For PV, the current FIT rates are:

Band (in rated power, kWp)

Rate in pence per kWh

From 1 July 2018

10 kW or less 3.93
Over 10kW, up to 50kW 4.17

For full details, and for systems over 50kW, see the tariff tables on the Ofgem website.

On top of this 5.24 pence is paid for each unit that is exported to the grid. In practice, on small household photovoltaic arrays this is often deemed to be 50% of what is generated and is not metered.

To find out how much electricity a particular size system in a particular location might generate please see our Solar Calculator.

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