What is a carbon calculator?

CalculatorThese allow you to measure your personal carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions - the major cause of climate change. They ask questions about your lifestyle, including heating and powering your home, transport and food.

Carbon calculators show you which aspects of your life result in the highest carbon emissions, so you know where to make the biggest changes. Most also provide advice on reducing your emissions.

Some calculators include the indirect emissions from industries and services that allow you to carry out your day-to-day life. For example, if you drive a lot you are responsible not only for exhaust emissions, but also for a larger share of the CO2 that results from building and maintaining roads.

There is also an 'infrastructure share': emissions from providing the services we all benefit from, such as building and running schools and hospitals. To reduce these emissions you’ll need to use your influence as a citizen to encourage the government to make services more climate-friendly.

A few calculators you could try include Carbon Independent and those from Global Action Plan and the National Energy Foundation. You could also investigate the Carbon Footprint of Nations website for a global view.

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