Can I heat with pellets without using a hopper store?

compact pellet boilers can be filled manuallyIt is possible to heat with pellets without having a large hopper store connected to a boiler. There are compact pellet boilers - sometimes referred to as pellet stoves with back boilers - which can be filled manually with bags of pellets.

This can be an advantage where there is no space for a hopper store, or where pellets can only be delivered in bags anyway (e.g. because there is no access for a pellet delivery truck).

You would still want to have bulk delivery of pellets to keep the cost down, so a small storage space would be needed.

The stoves will give off a certain level of noise when operating - see the video below for an example.

You can watch our case study video 'Judith's Pellet Boiler' to see such a system in action.


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