Micro hydro power - generating electricity from flowing water

a small-scale hydro dam near CATHydro electricity can be one of the cheapest methods of providing off-grid renewable electricity, but it is also very site specific. The best sites are on steep hills, with fast flowing water. One advantage is that on a good site you may not need batteries or an inverter (to step from DC to AC voltage), as the turbine will produce 240 volts AC and can just be turned on when needed.

The capital cost of hydro power schemes is quite high, but if you have a suitable site it can be a good investment. On grid-connected sites, ‘feed-in tariffs’ give a good price for electricity generated - a reasonable size scheme can recoup costs in 5 years or so. On off-grid sites a hydro scheme should be mich better in the long term than running a diesel generator for electricity.

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